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Saturday, May 22, 2004
Heaven and Hell

Just back from a truly stupendous, unforgettable visit to Yellowstone National Park (and the Grand Tetons and Salt Lake City). But I paid a price! It was much harder on me than I had anticipated. A combination of a rental car that, because of a medical condition, made me very uncomforable (until an experiment with a pillow helped!), the high altitudes of which I had been warned by some, and the uncertainities involved in so many various lodgings, etc. as well as, I suspect, some psychological anxieties, made it a most difficult time for me. I had no appetite, didn't feel too good, and found even the simplest activities an exertion. But I did what I had to do (slowly!) and had a great time. My traveling buddy, Father Michael, could not have been more patient, understanding, cheerful and encouraging. Easy! (And that helps so much).

The sites abounding at every turn made the price well worth it! The sense of being in a truly pristine wilderness, now even with the wolves, seemed a stupendous gift to me. The beauty and wonder and awe shining through creation at every glance!

Our accomodations turned out to be excellent every step of the way. We loved Salt Lake City and thank you, Larry, for a good tour of the exquisite Cathedral of the Magdaleine. More to come over the next few days I hope.

Brief summary now: if I had known how difficult this week would be for me, I never would have gone.

But having done it now and balancing things out, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN AND WITH JOY (KNOWING MY LIMITATIONS AS WELL)!

It's good to be back and already recuperating some. Good to breathe more easily and good to have an appetite again! Good to be once again with ONION, who looks so good after a hair cut given while I was away. Good to be home! (Both Father Michael and myself wish our next trip were farther away and not just in a bit over a week - rates go up for high season in mid-June - but it is too late since it is paid for and we would be signficantly penalized to cancel at this late date). I just hope Lake Tahoe isn't too high in elevation... and will go check that out now!

Thanks for any prayers you may have uttered on my behalf. I am in a state of awe that I made it though a difficult but MAGNIFICENT week.

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