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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Breathtaking vistas!

It was another glorious trip: Banff has to be among the world's most beautiful places! I had rememebered it as magnificent; it surpassed my memories and expectations. The beauty of that section of the Canadian Rockies is simply breathtaking. More to come, God willing....

I arrived home at BWI about midnight: and there to greet me at homecoming was my beloved ONION! He looked so cute and beautiful, but was so weak. He rested on my lap on the drive home. His body felt so warm (and so welcome). I had missed him very much and hoped he would survive till I came home.

I will most likely be putting ONION to sleep this coming Monday. He can't walk much anymore. He is not in misery; indeed he seems quite content. But he can't do much. My neigbor who lived here with ONION while I was gone, hand fed him and carried him in and out of the house. I helped him get out this morning. I do sense the time has come. It won't be easy! And I have this weekend for my last goodbyes and leavetaking.

Today is the third anniversary of coming home from the hospital/nursing home (back and forth) after 5 long and hard months. I had prayed to be home by the Assumption and came home on the Vigil of the Feast in 2001. Then I could never have imagined how life would unfold for me! Surely I would have laughed at anyone who said I would be enjoying a few days in Banff National Park (not to mention so many other trips taken and, God willing, to be taken).

I am grateful today for yet another beautiful trip; for 3 years of a decent and stable recovery, even if I am limited and have significant health issues; and for the surpassing gift of my beloved peke, ONION: I am so grateful we found each other! I do think it was a match made in heaven. And with all that implies.....

Monday, August 09, 2004

I'll be thinking of him while I am away

ONION by our statue of Saint Francis in the Garden

Amazingly, just recently, after ONION works his way out of my place, and does his duty, he goes to a new spot and rests and falls into a deep sleep: by our statue of Saint Francis. He never before laid down on this spot. But now it is his spot of choice - as long as he can still get outside. For me, it is of some significance! I like to think ONION prepares for the inevitable day when he says his goodbye. So I leave him now in the care of Saint Francis in particular (and thanks to Jenny for triggering this with her comment below in the "Heading north" posting). And, Alexa, thanks for the tip on Athabasca Falls - looks fabulous; but I fear it may be too far to drive from Banff.

Oremus pro invicem!

Sunday, August 08, 2004
Today in Christian history

August 8, 1471: Thomas a Kempis, 91, Dutch religious figure and author, died on this day in 1471. Though most of his years were outwardly uneventful, his book The Imitation of Christ has been among the most popular and influential in Christian history, even until today.

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