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Saturday, October 16, 2004
Name Day

Today is my name day: I was named after Saint Gerard Majella, whose feast is commemorated today in the Redemptorist liturgical calendar.

And it is also, as I recently discovered to great delight, my twin sister's name day as well (a happy coincidence and not something planned): today is the memorial of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.

No, there's no sister - or brother - named after Saint Hedwig (another saint remembered today)!

Saints Gerard, Margaret Mary, Hedwig, pray for us, pray for all.


Good to be home after wonderful days in New England, with its splendiforous autumnal scenes, and with good family and friends to visit and enjoy and whose very presence radiated warmth. Once again, the weather was perfect.

Catching up now but here are two of my favorite shots from this trip.

"The world is charged with the grandeur of God; it will flame out..." (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

The unsurpassable artistry of creation!

Monday, October 11, 2004
Disabled / Enabled

Still amazing me is the discovery that by being disabled I have been enabled to travel more than ever before and unexpectedly at that! It's a mystery, of course, and there are many strands at work - but God's Providence once more both surprises and surpasses.

In a bit I will be leaving for yet another adventure of travel. This time to the New England area to catch some of the glories of the Fall Foliage. I spent a good number of autumns in New England (Suffield, CT) and upstate New York (below Kingston in Esopus NY). The autumns were spectacular! So I have yearned to see this splendor again before I die. And here I go..... alleluia!

I hope to renew contact with some family and friends as well. And maybe even visit a monastery or two..... I hope the weather is OK (the current reports are not the best from my perspective at least). I hope, too, you might remember me and say a prayer for me and Father Michael. I hope to have some photos and "tales" to bring home.

P.S. Speaking of renewing contact, thanks to the internet and even this blog, an old buddy who I had not seen since 1969 tracked me down and this past Saturday we spent happy hours together. And hopefully there will be more. God is good!

Today in Christian history

October 11, 1521: Leo X conferred the title Fidei Defensor (Defender of the Faith) upon England's Henry VIII for his tract "The Assertion of the Seven Sacraments," written against Martin Luther. Three popes and 13 years later, Henry severed all ties with Rome, making the Church of England a separate church body.

October 11, 1531: Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli dies in the Battle of Kappel.

October 11, 1551: The 13th Session of the Council of Trent opens to discuss the Eucharist. The Counter-Reformation Council affirmed the doctrine of transubstantiation and repudiated Lutheran, Calvinist, and Zwinglian eucharistic doctrines.

Sunday, October 10, 2004
Whose rite is it anyway?

Liturgical vandals have trivialised worship in Anglican and Catholic churches. Now, says William Oddie, Rome is trying to do something about it

Thanks to Serge for tip on this piece in the Spectator (you may need to register; I got on easily but maybe registered a while back). I fear, too, that the forces of resistance may be strong yet and that we will not get that faithful and beautiful translation many of us have yearned for for decades. Veni, Sancte Spiritus!

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O'Malley revisits church closings

"Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley intensified his effort to win public support for the controversial parish closings process yesterday, saying he is reconsidering ''a couple" of his decisions..."

Today in Christian history

October 10, 732: The Franks under Charles Martel stopped the Moorish incursion into Western Europe at the Battle of Tours.

October 10, 1560: Dutch theologian Jacob Arminius, the founder of a theology that challenged Reformed assumptions, is born in Oudewater, Netherlands.

October 10, 1821: Law student Charles Finney, 29, goes into the woods near his home to settle the question of his soul's salvation. That night, he experienced a dramatic conversion, full of what seemed "waves of liquid love throughout his body." Finney later became American history's greatest revivalist and purportedly converted around 500,000 people.

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